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Cutie petootie!! ❤️❤️❤️


sorry to break it to you all but being a fan of someone is not a competition, in competitions there are losers and winners, but in a fandom there are only losers and it’s all of us








Loki! Loki! LOKI! Tom, sigh…

5th gif. Never recover.

mmfff. Not again


re: 5th gif - because of the hand thing, eh?

i’m actually so re-turned on by that again right now i might be on the verge of frust tears.

Yes. The fifth gif is an open invitation to begin jilling off.

You. Know. Why.





Episode 13: Unafraid of the Dark, Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey


That is fucking frightening.

This is fucking inspiring and beautiful. This is science. Never assume you know everything. Never assume you have all the answers. Life is vast, the universe is diverse, forever expanding, and mysterious. Life is amazing and literally everything in existence is a miracle. We are in the Universe, but we are also made OF the universe so we are in the universe while it is also a part of us. Stars had to die to create life, we literally are made from dead stars. This shit’s amazing. Does it have the potential to be terrifying? Sure. But I find religious ideology to be much more terrifying. Science is spiritual. Science gives me perspective. Science astounds me. Confounds me. And life itself is beautifully vast and reproducing itself everywhere, expanding for eternity. That’s spiritual right there. And it’s also science.

I’m a Christian and I definitely believe when other Christians stop at “God created the Universe in 7 days just because” it’s like… Really? Because the universe is amazing and constantly growing and changing. There are stars being born and dying this very minute. There may be other species out there that we don’t know about and that’s crazy! The vastness and the splendor of the universe, I think, attests to how vast and splendorous God is. If the creation is so majestic and beautiful and creative, how much more majestic and beautiful and creative must the one who created it be? I believe Neal Degrasse Tyson’s series couldn’t be more important to explain how and why our universe is so amazing.

(Source: child-of-thecosmos)


Magical Paths Begging To Be Walked

Roads and paths pervade our literature, poetry, artwork, linguistic expressions and music. Even photographers can’t keep their eyes (and lenses) off of a beautiful road or path, which is why we collected this list of 28 amazing photos of paths.

Paths like these have a powerful grip on the human imagination – they can bring adventure, promise and change or solitude, peace and calm. There’s nothing like a walk down a beautiful path to clear your head – or to fill it with ideas!

I’ll leave you with an excellent quote from J. R. R. Tolkien’s works while you enjoy these images; “It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don’t keep your feet, there’s no knowing where you might be swept off to.

  1. Autumn In The White Carpathians
  2. Rhododendron Laden Path, Mount Rogers, Virginia, USA
  3. Spring In Hallerbos Forest, Belgium
  4. Autumn Path In Kyoto, Japan 
  5. Autumn Path
  6. Bamboo Path In Kyoto, Japan
  7. Hitachi Seaside Park Path In Japan
  8. Dark Hedges In Ireland
  9. Winter Forest Path, Czech Republic
  10. Path Under Blooming Trees In Spring



Faking bad: meet Hollywood’s nicest villain, Tom Hiddleston

  • Hiddleston gained a double first in Classics: ‘so my knowledge is more of the Greco-Roman variety, but I did learn a bit about the Norse gods.’ (At one point he says, ‘Ah, tempus fugit,’ and it takes me a while to realise…


Phoebe: Is Ross near you?
Mike: No, I just left.
Phoebe: Well, you have to go back in.
Mike: What? Go back? To the land where time stands still?